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Thumbbell Delta Knuckle Roller - Brushed Bronze

Thumbbell Delta Knuckle Roller - Brushed Bronze

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Mamba Metals’ Thumbbell knuckle roller is manipulated with your fingers similar to the way you would roll a coin. The Thumbbell can be used as a discreet fidget toy, a skill toy to perform tricks with, or a training tool to improve finger dexterity. 

The Delta edition features triangular framework inspired by iconic architecture such as the Louvre Museum, the Hearst Tower, and the Great Pyramids of Giza. The lattice structure makes the Thumbbell Delta incredibly lightweight, similar to that of wooden knuckle rollers, and provides enough surface texture to enhance grip without impinging play.

The completely hollow construction facilitates lightweight play to reduce finger fatigue while still maintaining durability for everyday use. Thanks to its concave ends, the Thumbbell doubles as a worry stone to help relieve anxiety and aid relaxation. Additionally, the concave ends allow the Thumbbell to rest on flat surfaces without rolling away.

Size Length Weight
Small 2.25 inches 18 grams
Medium 2.5 inches 24 grams
Large 2.75 inches 32 grams

Small, medium, and large sized Thumbbells are available. Generally, the small size fits well for individuals with small to medium hands, the medium size fits well for individuals with medium to large hands, and the large size fits well for individuals with huge hands.

An alternative sizing method is to select a Thumbbell with a length that is closest to the combined width of your index, middle, and ring finger.

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